Flosh Meadows self build site with example houses on proposed roads all viewing onto Dent Fell to the south east
Example self build houses with views to Dent Fell

click to view plot information–presently in progress

Selected plots from “The Meadow” will be the first stage to be offered for sale:

Persons who purchase at earlier stage will be notified before other persons of next & subsequent stages for sale:

We show an example of a Flosh Meadows Plot Passport, every plot will have its own unique passport.

National experts on Right To Build website being the government ‘bible’ to Local Authorities on how to deal with Self Build procedures say: “Plot Passports alongside Design Codes are a simple way of helping private home builders understand what they can build on their plot”.

The code should not be overly prescriptive, private home builders want to have a major say in the design of their home, so developers & local authorities should not micro-manage house designs.

A good Design Code should allow for design variation, creativity, innovation and originality; it will also specify what is mandatory and what is optional.

Where possible the design code should be style neutral to assist in the delivery of either contemporary or traditional architecture and also allow for advanced methods of construction.

We are now finalising plans with our civil engineer and site development contractor following which we will offer selected plots from the 47 which we have Outline Planning approval for sale.

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We are proud to show our Landscape Architect designed serviced, self build site at Flosh Meadows, Cleator, Cumbria being only a short walk to the world renowned Lake District  UNESCO World Heritage Site the site is also  surrounded by many other attractions; and in 2018 our local borough of Copeland was voted as the second most happy place to live in the country

We show prospective purchasers how Flosh Meadows self build site will grow into a well integrated attractive housing community; with plots of a variety of sizes & orientation.

The example houses in our pictures are to help you visualise what can be built but you are most certainly not restricted to the shown designs; we know that self builders wish to design their own homes to their own needs, tastes, size, specification & of course not forgetting costs.

All our plots have been designed to be big enough for a large 2 story high 10 meter wide by 10 meter front to back family home; indeed most plots will accept larger homes with detached garage.

A limited number of single story bungalows and dormer bungalows with some 2 1/2 story homes can be considered.

Plots number 18, 19, 20 & 21 are available for suitable persons who Copeland Borough Council consider should benefit from reduced plot prices. These 4 plots will be sold at 80% market value but any future resale price will need to reflect this discount.

All plot owners will be required to finish the outside of their new home including front and visible gardens within 12 month of commencing the build, this is a readily achievable time scale and has the great benefit of making sure the full site is completed as quickly as possible. One of the major benefits of a self build is that you can further develop the interior of your new family home when your finances & time allows you to do so.

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