Flosh Meadows Self Build Serviced Plots

The Lake District National Park, World Heritage Site

Additional land has been granted for our self build plots at Flosh Meadows which is just over 1 mile (2 km) to the Lake District National Park World Heritage site.

We had a long detailed meeting with St Mary’s Parish Priest and a Pastoral Council member to explain & discuss our planning application before it was considered by Copeland planning panel.

We hand delivered our planning details to all properties & businesses close to the site and told them we would be happy to answer any questions.

The planning panel visited both the cemetery and our site before granting permission.

Our self build homes will be further away from the cemetery and grotto than some of the existing twenty plus years old homes at the busy Grove Court Hotel or Cross Grove; however we were assured that the existing homes and busy hotel including its very busy car park have not caused any disturbance to the cemetery or grotto.

Click to view our planning application illustrative drawing with Google Earth extract to more clearly see where existing houses are and our proposed homes will be located.


Our designs below, for plots 1 to 17, are to help you visualise what can be built, you are not restricted to the shown designs; we know that self builders wish to design their own homes to their own needs, tastes, size, specification & costs.

All these plots are of a size for a large 2 story 10 meter wide by 10 meter deep family home; some plots will accept larger homes with detached garage.

A limited number of single story bungalows and dormer bungalows with some 2 1/2 story homes can be considered.

Plots number 18, 19, 20 & 21 are available for suitable persons who Copeland Borough Council consider would benefit from reduced plot prices. These 4 plots will be sold at 80% market value and any future resale will need to reflect this discount.

REMEMBER;  you will be required to finish the outside of your new home including front and visible gardens within a reasonable but readily achievable time scale; one of the major benefits of a self build is that you can further develop the interior of your new family home when your finances & time allows you to do so.