Local plots for sale

Sunday 30 November 2014.

As promised to a number of hopeful purchasers of plots at Flosh Meadows, especially to every one who has visited or phoned in these last few days I have added a link showing local building plots for sale.

I have recommended to every one who has visited us that if you have an urgent need for a plot then some already on the market may be your best option.

We expected that Flosh Meadows would have been available for marketing by this time but we are being held up by a variety of procedural matters and we are determined to have every thing correct and in place before we offer our plots for sale.

The best sites to find land/building plots is Rightmove & Zoopla.

Self Build Housing will support Cleator

Press article Saturday 19 July 2014 webOn Saturday 19 July a wonderful write up on Flosh Meadows site by Jenny Barwise in the News & Star evening paper came out of the blue.
We sent  a thank you to Jenny which we show below.
It is very pleasing that the wishes of people within this local area are being listened to by our local councilors and of course Copeland planning Officers; not all Councils planning departments look on self build favourably.

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Planning panel says YES to Flosh Meadows Self Build

On 16 July 2014 Copeland Borough Council Planning Panel unanimously agreed to grant permission and allow the Self Build Planning application at Flosh Meadows, Cleator.

There is still a long way to go but at least we know that self build will happen at Flosh Meadows in the near future.

We will now look to finalise plot, road and open space layout for the site and then get the road built and start to set the price for each plot and offer them for sale.

For further information please use our Contact Form and we will try to assist.

Richard & Betty Mulholland

South Norfolk MP calls for a self-build homes revolution to limit dominance of major housebuilders

Richard-Bacon-MPWhy, when it comes do buying a shirt do we have almost infinite choice, yet when it comes to investing in a new home, we seem to have hardly any? says MP for South Norfolk Richard Bacon

The current new-build housing market, dominated by a few large-volume companies is “intellectually bankrupt”, according to South Norfolk MP Richard Bacon.

The answer? Empowering more people to be able to build their own homes. Continue reading

Developers dumping identikit ‘crap’ homes across Britain says Kevin McCloud

Developers are dumping identikit “crap” homes on sites across Britain which could be used for a revolution in self-built homes, Kevin McCloud, the Grand Designs presenter has claimed. As reported in The Guardian on Monday 05 May 2014. McCloud welcomed proposals to be announced by ministers on Tuesday which will force councils to make land available for people to build their own homes to help combat a crisis in affordable new housing. Continue reading

Cleator 1901

An excellent 2006 article by © Steve Bulman of Bulmer’s History & Directory Of Cumberland, 1901: is a must when you are deciding if you wish to live in Cleator.
Though small in extent, has risen more rapidly in the scale of material wealth and importance than any other parish in west Cumberland. Cleator is about three miles in extent from north to south, and one and a half from east to west, covering about 2,946 acres, which are assessed at £45,845. It is bounded on the north by Frizington, on the west by Kinniside, on the south by Egremont, and on the east by St. Bees.

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Self Build is not for Wimps

A plethora of advice with for and against self build now being called Custom Build for family homes is now available online, especially at the excellent and comprehensive National Self Build Association web site

Building your own home can be one of the best life style choices that a family can make and it brings good financial benefits but it should be entered into only following thorough research. Continue reading

Builders ‘churning out same old boxes’

On 30 March 2014 Grand Designs presenter Kevin McCloud criticises builders who ‘churn out the same old boxes’ when it comes to new housing, as he calls for ‘better, greener and cheaper’ self-builds
Kevin McCloud: ‘Land and house prices are going to go up again. They always do in Britain – we’ve never produced enough housing’
Kevin McCloud said that if builders took more care over architecture and design local people would be more inclined to accept new developments. He said: ‘If a community doesn’t want housing what they really object to is crap housing.’
as reported on 30 March 2014 by Christopher Hope, Senior Political Correspondent at http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/greenpolitics/planning/10731464/Builders-churning-out-same-old-boxes-says-Kevin-McCloud.html Continue reading

Planning application – Let’s go for it

floridaRichard & Betty have decided that the time is right to put in a planning application for Self Build, now more frequently called Custom Build for their proposed development at Flosh Meadows.

Copeland Borough Council in late 2012 recommended to the Government inspector that Flosh Meadows was a suitable site for a family home development. They further recommended that the site could accept a total of 36 family homes that could be built in the immediate future i.e. 0 – 5 years.

The inspector held a public meeting at the Copeland Centre in April 2013 and in his October report agreed that Flosh Meadows should be considered for a family home development for 36 homes and could be started immediately if formal approval was given by Copeland planning committee.

Richard & Betty in March 2014 have informed in person & writing Cleator Moor Town Council, St Mary’s & St Leanord’s Church and all their immediate neighbours and many more in the Cleator area that they intend to apply for planning permission to allow the site to be offered to custom build purchasers. Continue reading

Self-build penalties quashed February 2014

Mann John CIL Feb 2014It is quite unusual for a Government Minister to praise an opposition MP for forcing the Government to change its own law says M.P for Bassetlaw John Mann. That did happen last week however when Planning Minister Nick Boles congratulated me for my 18 month, one-man campaign to reverse excessive Government taxes on people building their own homes.

Since 2012 I have been campaigning to reverse aspects of the law in question, the Community Infrastructure Levy, a tax which has made it impossible for people to build their own homes. Cases brought to me include a soldier returning from Afghanistan; a retired miner wanting to build a bungalow on his land for a disabled son; a young recently married couple, and a widow who wishes to move into a smaller property. All will now be exempt from the new tax. Continue reading

Turn UK into a Nation of Self-Builders says Government Minister

Pickles_webThe Communities and Local Government Secretary  Eric Pickles on 15 October 2013 said he will turn the UK into a “nation of self-builders” by offering subsidies and tax breaks to people who create their own home.

The UK must become like countries including Austria, Belgium and Sweden, which “reward” people who choose to build their own property, Mr Pickles said.

He said that helping tens of thousands of people to build their own homes will stop “homogeneous, pasteurised housing” being built across the country.

People in the countryside will then be much less likely to oppose custom built housing than larger developments and estates, Mr Pickles said. Continue reading

Action Plan to promote the growth of self build housing – Second progress report

This is the second progress report prepared by the National Self Build Association (NaSBA), as a follow up to the publication of the initial joint Government-Industry report – An Action Plan to promote the growth of self build housing – in July 2011.
The last two years has seen a great deal of activity, and growing signs that all the effort is beginning to bear fruit. There are now dozens of local councils actively bringing forward policies and local initiatives to enable more self and custom build development across the country. We are also seeing considerable enthusiasm from local community groups to progress neighbourhood plans and Community Right to Build projects. Continue reading

New model for self-build set up by Parliament

Strict planning laws, expensive land and a lack of lending all impede the Government’s aim of growing the UK self-build sector from 100,000 to 200,000 over 10 years. But measures  such as Help to Build MIG could soon ease this problem reports Mortgage Strategy on 10 July 2013.

In a fresh push last month MPs, lenders and policy makers set up an all party parliamentary group on self-build.

The idea is to raise awareness of the issue in parliament and create a forum for lawmakers to implement changes that could boost self-builders. Continue reading

MPs to consider if Mortgage Indemnity Guarantee could extend to self-builders

A group of MPs will explore whether it is possible to include self-build projects in the Government’s Help to Buy mortgage indemnity guarantee scheme as part of efforts to make the sector more accessible.

An all-party parliamentary group for self-build has been set up to explore how to boost the number of self-build projects in the UK from 100,000 to 200,000 within the next decade. Continue reading

UK govt to make self build homes exempt from infrastructure levy

Proposed changes in the UK could save self builders thousands of pounds by ensuring they are exempt from paying a levy charge that must be paid for all new buildings over a certain size. Reported in excellent article by propertywire.com on Tuesday, 16 April 2013. The government says it is committed to helping more people achieve their aspirations of owning a home and wants to help boost housing supply by making self build housing a mainstream option. Continue reading

Self-build homes are ‘shape of district’s future’

TEIGNBRIDGE has a bright future, according to Teignbridge District Council leader Jeremy Christophers in his 2013 new year message.

With the local plan under way, he says Teignbridge’s future in 20 years’ time is being shaped right now.  Young working families can get on the housing ladder with self-build, says Cllr Christophers. He is passionate about promoting self-build homes to overcome housing issues in South Devon.

He says: “We want to support young working families. Self-build does that, it gives them a chance to get on the housing ladder.
Cllr Christophers said: “The fact is we can’t go on without a local plan as it leaves too much of the countryside at risk of development.

“We’ll get people interested in self-build together with people who can show them how to move forward. Banks are also now ready to lend to self-builders.” Continue reading

What happened to Britain’s self-build revolution?

What happened to Britain’s self-build revolution?

It was heralded as one of the government’s answers to the housing crisis, but the self-build revolution is still to take off in Britain. Why is the idea proving so unpopular?

Light-touch regulation of self-build could boost popularity, but are councils prepared relax their planning rules?

Building your own home is seen as something of a niche activity, but the government is very keen for that to change. Faced with a dearth of activity across much of the mass housebuilding sector, housing minister Mark Prisk has urged councils to help bring about the “self-build revolution” heralded by his predecessor Grant Shapps. Continue reading

New Homes Bonus scheme adds up to £660m for councils

England’s 353 councils are set to share a cash payout of £661m over the next year, after delivering 142,000 new homes, including self Build and affordable properties.

This funding under the New Homes Bonus scheme will also reward councils for bringing 13,000 long-term empty properties back into use.

This latest allocation, to be paid in the 2013 to 2014 financial year, means councils will have received £1.3bn through the scheme since its launch in April 2011. Continue reading

Self building guide published-November 2012

New guidance has been published by the National Self Build Association (NaSBA) which provides advice on how planners and custom-build developers can make it easier for people to build their own homes. The guide explains how new Government policy included in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) encouraging self-build can be applied locally.
These include:
encouraging larger scale, self-build communities – like those that are already underway in Continental Europe – using public land to proactively facilitate self build projects – setting a target for a certain proportion of new homes to be self-builds when allocating sites or planning for new homes – treating modest low-cost self builds as ‘affordable’ housing – specifically encouraging self-builds in certain areas – for example on ‘infill’ sites, OR AS SMALL- SCALE EXTENSIONS ON THE EDGE OF TOWNS OR VILLAGES. Continue reading

Self-builders keen to spread the word

Which of us hasn’t fantasised about a new house, exactly as we want it? You know the sort of thing: swimming pool in the garden, ‘his and hers bathrooms’, or even a home cinema. Well, such dreams may not be as far-fetched as you think, because around 15,000 people a year are now building their own homes. Most buy a plot of land, then hire architects and builders to do all the physical work for them.

By avoiding the large profit margins of developers, they can save tens of thousands of pounds AND have a home designed solely for them. Continue reading

Housing minister calls for more self-build mortgages

Housing minister calls for more self-build mortgages

Speaking at a conference organised by the Council of Mortgage Lenders, Housing Minister Mark Prisk encouraged lenders to make it easier for people to build their own homes.

The self-build market in the UK has been hampered by limited availability of land and red tape, as well as a lack of self-build mortgages. Continue reading

UK govt puts £30 million into self build

On Tuesday, 16 October 2012 UK Housing Minister Mark Prisk announced that the first applications for a slice of a new £30 million self build investment fund have been earmarked for approval. Speaking at a special self build workshop for local authority leaders in London, Prisk said that the first projects would benefit from over £1.1million to start work on up to 20 self build plots. Continue reading

Eventually!! at least one council is seeing the way forward

07 September 2012: Plymouth Council appeals to self builders;    The council has directly appealed to people who have perhaps found themselves locked out of the housing market by high prices and tough borrowing conditions, and believes that self build projects could hold the key to solving the current crisis. Plymouth City Council is calling for would-be self builders to get in touch and help tackle the area’s housing shortage. Continue reading

Self-Build – A solution to housing shortage.

An excellent and comprehensive article on self build was written on August 16, 2012 by “Plainview planning consultants”. This is required reading for prospective self builders, local authority planners and their regeneration managers. Self build will eventually be accepted by UK planners as a major source of high specification, low carbon affordable homes with beneficial employment within the building trade and suppliers. Continue reading

RICS to stimulate lending on self build homes

RICS has today (27 June 2012) published guidance which aims to increase lending on new and self build houses by encouraging greater confidence in valuations. The guidance has been updated to arm surveyors with the information they need to provide valuations for new and self build properties following market feedback, which revealed a growing trend in surveyors valuing new builds differently to older homes. Continue reading

Government copies Flosh Meadows Business Plan !!

Grant Shapps coalition minister forSelf Build Homes’  in June 2012 has wisely copied the business plan of the Flosh Meadows, Cleator, Self Build family homes site; he recommended that more self build plots should be sold with roads and services in the close vicinity of each plot; OOOkaaay; perhaps he also had other models to follow but at Flosh Meadows, Cleator, in the wonderful area of Copeland being immediately adjacent to the Lake District National Park that was our first procedure and if allowed by our local planners it will also be our next. We build the roads & pavements, put in electric, gas, water, telephone and drains to each plot boundary and then invite plot owners to connect up and build their family homes. The owners achieve a magnificent and affordable family home and the housing stock in our area is improved with these high quality homes.

Sustainability: Self Builders versus Major Developers

Undoubtedly, the emerging demand for sustainability in the housing sector is evidence of the fact that home buyers are becoming more environmentally and economically aware. Self-building attracts sustainability and when incorporated in the design of houses can lead to a significant reduction in life-time operation costs, while minimising the environmental impact of the housing sector: Continue reading

Government encourages self-builders

New help for self home builders launched at most famous address in the country (Published 19 April 2012)

A package of new support to give as many people as possible the opportunity to build their own homes was announced today at England’s most famous address by Housing Minister Grant Shapps. It comes as a new report predicts a 141 per cent rise in the mortgages available for those building their own homes over the next three years. Continue reading

Requisitioning a public sewer – kicking up a stink?

Requisitioning a public sewer – kicking up a stink? (article supplied & owned by HartBrown Solicitors)

If the route of a foul sewer for a proposed development will need to pass over land owned by a third party then the developer will of course need to approach those owners to see if they would be willing to grant the necessary rights.  However, if they are not prepared to co-operate, then the developer may have no alternative but to requisition the sewerage undertaker to provide a public sewer for the development. Continue reading

Code for Sustainable Homes

The Code for Sustainable Homes  is an environmental assessment method for rating and certifying the performance of new homes. It is a national standard for use in the design and construction of new homes with a view to encouraging continuous improvement in sustainable home building. It was launched in December 2006 with the publication of Code for Sustainable Homes: A step-change in sustainable home building practice (Communities and Local Government, 2006) and became operational in April 2007. Where Building Regulations apply, compliance is necessary at all times. Continue reading

Government on Self Build 2011

Housing Minister Grant Shapps talks about custom (self) building at Grand Designs Live 31 May 2011

This is the first time I’ve been to Grand Designs – it’s impressive. I should have expected nothing less as Kevin McCloud is involved. My very first visit as Housing Minister was to Kevin’s west country development where they were pushing the boundaries of design and eco-building. And we’ve all seen ‘Grand Designs’ on the TV. Self-build schemes that are almost always startling in scale and ambition. Continue reading

Flosh Meadows – Reasons to Develop

The existing Flosh Meadows self build community at Cleator, Cumbria consists of five high quality detached family homes built in 2001. It is pleasing and supportive to the community and locality that in 2014 four of the original five self build families still live in the homes they built. The land owners & developers Betty & Richard Mulholland who live adjacent  have applied within the  Copeland Borough Council Local Development Plan to be permitted to further develop the community. Continue reading

You can build your homes on my land

A WEST Cumbrian landowner has pledged to sell his land exclusively to self-builders in a bid to help a growing number of families who are desperate to build their own homes.

Richard Mulholland owns a five-acre site at Flosh Meadows in Cleator, which campaigners are fighting to be included in the forthcoming Copeland Local Plan.

More than 30 people have written to all local councillors and are lobbying the authority to 2004 group self buildersconsider the site for new housing.

Mr Mulholland has vowed that if the council allows further development on the land – there are already five self-built homes there – he and his wife Betty will only sell to individuals who want to build their own homes.

He said he is concerned that the local plan, which is a blueprint for all development in the borough up to 2016, gives insufficient attention to the needs of the growing group of self builders who want to build their own, affordable family home.

He is also concerned that Cleator was the only village out of 15 in Copeland which has not been allowed any growth until 2016, in the draft version of the plan.

Campaigners argue that the only two options proposed for future development in the area, at Mill Hill and Birks Road at Cleator Moor, are too far out of town and will not aid its regeneration.

They say Flosh Meadows is ideal because it is an unobtrusive site and has an existing infrastructure with all the utilities. Mr Mulholland said: “A new development could turn into an active and supportive community for the people, businesses, schools and Churches of Cleator and Cleator Moor and with its easy access to buses and the cycle track it may even reduce the need for car journeys.

“I appreciate that self build can be more time consuming for the local planning authority as each property is unique and demands individual attention from staff. However, it is this uniqueness that people want for their family home, not a close copy of their next door neighbour’s house. I do hope that any extra work by our local planners on behalf of self-builders is not sufficient reason to ignore their requests.”

Flosh Meadow campaigners say they are desperate to live in Cleator because it is close to their families, to local amenities and schools, and has good transport links to their place of work. They want to build their own homes because they cannot afford the escalating house prices in West Cumbria.

Copeland Council says the campaigners views will be taken into account when the changes to the draft local plan are considered.

Published by http://www.newsandstar.co.uk

‘You can build your homes on my land’
Published at 01:00, Tuesday, 25 May 2004
By Andrea Thompson

Fight to build dream houses

WEST Cumbrian families desperate to build their own homes have launched a campaign for land at Flosh Meadows in Cleator Moor to be made available for development.

More than 30 people want the five-acre site to be included in the forthcoming Copeland Local Plan. Only two options are currently proposed for future housing in Cleator Moor – at Mill Hill and Birks Road – and campaigners argue they are too far out of town and will not aid its regeneration.

They have written to all Cleator Moor’s Copeland councillors and are lobbying the authority to consider Flosh Meadows as a site for new housing development.

Landowner Richard Mulholland has promised he will only sell to self-builders, allowing local people to build the home of their dreams at an affordable price.

All the campaigners say they are desperate to live in Cleator Moor because it is close to their families, local amenities and schools, and has good transport links. They want to build their own homes because they cannot afford the escalating house prices in West Cumbria, particularly on new estates in the area.

Like many of the families involved in the Flosh Meadows fight, Paul and Angela Hurst, are desperate to get back into Cleator Moor to be close to their family.

They currently live in Whitehaven with their three children.
Paul said: “The rural setting [at Flosh Meadows] is so beautiful. The bus stop is on the corner and the schools are close by.

“Cleator Moor has been getting run down for a number of years and it can only help the town by bringing people into the area.

“We want to come back here to live but the house prices are so extortionate the only option is to build your own.”

There are already five self-build properties on Flosh Meadows.

Campaigners say they would employ local labour and builders, boosting the local economy.

Copeland councillor Tony Wells (regrettably Tony has now passed away) is backing the campaign, saying the site is by far the best option for a housing development in the town.
“If these young people win their battle they will be living and shopping and spending their money in Cleator Moor. That is what we have been fighting for for years.”

Bern Hellier, Copeland council’s head of economic development and local plans, said he was aware of the strong lobby for Flosh Meadows and that would be taken into account when the council considers changes to the draft local plan.

Published by http://www.newsandstar.co.uk

Fight to build dream houses
Published at 01:00, Wednesday, 19 May 2004
By Andrea Thompson