Self building land register is lacking in parts of UK

Research reveals knowledge about self building land register is lacking in UK Wednesday, 04 May 2016 One in five people in the UK believe there would be increased public support for the building of new homes if self or custom build properties contributed to a greater proportion of those built, new research shows.Despite the Self Build and Custom Housebuilding Act (also known as the Right to Build Act) coming into force on 01 April 2016, some 77% of people in the UK are unaware councils are now required to keep a register of those looking to buy land in the Continue Reading

Executive homes plan for the Flosh (Flosh Meadows)

LARGER “executive” homes are planned for a 21-house development in Cleator Moor. The land behind Flosh Farm was set to house 28 homes after planning permission was granted last year. But self-build developers have now “illustrated the need for larger plots” as their research suggests there is a “shortage in ‘executive’ quality housing” in the area. Richard & Betty Mulholland, who owns the land near the Ennerdale Country House Hotel, submitted a planning application for a different layout of the site which accommodates a smaller number of larger homes. Continue Reading

Government double number of self-build homes

Government unveils plans to double number of self-build homes Posted on February 5, 2016 by Stephen Little in News with 0 Comments selfbuildhousePeople looking to kick-start their dreams of building a home will find it much easier now with the launch of new registers scheme designed to help them find plots. Councils will have to keep a register of aspiring self and custom house builders when planning for future housing and land use from 1 April as part of the government’s solution to tackle the housing crisis. The registers should make it easier for those looking to build their own Continue Reading

Site owners wish to reduce plot numbers

The site owners Richard & Betty are discussing with Copeland Borough Council Planning Department to reduce the number of plots from 28 to 20. In very early discussion it appears that Copeland will agree to the reduction of plots but further details and meetings are required. The road layout will remain as seen in our drawing it simply means there will be fewer but somewhat larger family home sized plots. We will show an up to date layout plan as soon as possible. Please use our contact form if you need any further information at this time. Continue Reading

Plotting a dream: How to make your perfect house a reality

A new informative article we found last week which we thought might be of interest to you, is  telling us that a typical three-bedroom home is costing from just £150,000 to build.  This can be found at Continue Reading

Local plots for sale

Sunday 30 November 2014. As promised to a number of hopeful purchasers of plots at Flosh Meadows, especially to every one who has visited or phoned in these last few days I have added a link showing local building plots for sale. I have recommended to every one who has visited us that if you have an urgent need for a plot then some already on the market may be your best option. We expected that Flosh Meadows would have been available for marketing by this time but we are being held up by a variety of procedural matters and Continue Reading

There’s Land Ahoy

An excellent Daily Mail article on Friday 05 September 2014 describes matters of interest to self builders. It shows why there is a shortage of plots and how to find and value them. Click on the picture to enlarge and read this informative article. Continue Reading

Press Reports

We are pleased at the coverage by our local weekly Whitehaven News and our local evening paper the News & Star both papers cover our local area and because we are local and offering plots preferably for local people to build their local family home (have we mentioned local before??) we show copies of their local articles on our Press Reports page. Continue Reading

Self Build Housing will support Cleator

On Saturday 19 July a wonderful write up on Flosh Meadows site by Jenny Barwise in the News & Star evening paper came out of the blue. We sent  a thank you to Jenny which we show below. It is very pleasing that the wishes of people within this local area are being listened to by our local councilors and of course Copeland planning Officers; not all Councils planning departments look on self build favourably. Continue Reading

Planning panel says YES to Flosh Meadows Self Build

On 16 July 2014 Copeland Borough Council Planning Panel unanimously agreed to grant permission and allow the Self Build Planning application at Flosh Meadows, Cleator. There is still a long way to go but at least we know that self build will happen at Flosh Meadows in the near future. We will now look to finalise plot, road and open space layout for the site and then get the road built and start to set the price for each plot and offer them for sale. For further information please use our Contact Form and we will try to assist. Regards Continue Reading