Flosh Meadows Self Build Serviced Plots Layout

We are proud to show our Landscape Architect designed serviced, self build site at Flosh Meadows, Cleator, Cumbria being only a short walk to the world renowned Lake District  UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Flosh Meadows self build pictorial view onto Dent Fell
Flosh Meadows Self Build with example houses, overlooked by Dent Fell (Cumbrian’s talk of ‘a Fell’ rather than a mountain….click pic to enlarge)

Our full site design shows prospective purchasers how the site will grow into a well-integrated attractive housing community. We consider it is only correct to show prospective plot owners how their new home will sit within the completed community thereby offering no unknown future layout problems. Our plots have a variety of sizes and will be released in a controlled staged procedure.

We are arranging building quotes from local contractors for the infrastructure work (roads/sewers/drains/utilities etc) for the 21 plots at the most southern phase of the development.

We are hopeful that by employing local contractors and suppliers of a wide variety of materials and services our development will assist our wonderful, friendly village of Cleator where some parts predate the 11c Magna Carta.

We also wish to work with Cleator Moor Town Council, the Chamber of Trade, St Leonard’s church and St Mary’s church & local businesses to determine how we can collectively improve our village and surrounding communities.

We are hopeful that by offering persons the ability to build their own family home in our village will encourage both affordable home ownership and assist in the regeneration of Cleator village. We will contact the five Cleator Moor South Councillors who have particular responsibility for the village to discuss their present plans. If the Councillors agree we will show on our website all regeneration procedures presently in place by them.

Please contact us for further information

Self-build homes are ‘shape of district’s future’

TEIGNBRIDGE has a bright future, according to Teignbridge District Council leader Jeremy Christophers in his 2013 new year message.

With the local plan under way, he says Teignbridge’s future in 20 years’ time is being shaped right now.  Young working families can get on the housing ladder with self-build, says Cllr Christophers. He is passionate about promoting self-build homes to overcome housing issues in South Devon.

He says: “We want to support young working families. Self-build does that, it gives them a chance to get on the housing ladder.
Cllr Christophers said: “The fact is we can’t go on without a local plan as it leaves too much of the countryside at risk of development.

“We’ll get people interested in self-build together with people who can show them how to move forward. Banks are also now ready to lend to self-builders.” Continue reading “Self-build homes are ‘shape of district’s future’”

UK govt puts £30 million into self build

On Tuesday, 16 October 2012 UK Housing Minister Mark Prisk announced that the first applications for a slice of a new £30 million self build investment fund have been earmarked for approval. Speaking at a special self build workshop for local authority leaders in London, Prisk said that the first projects would benefit from over £1.1million to start work on up to 20 self build plots. Continue reading “UK govt puts £30 million into self build”

Eventually!! at least one council is seeing the way forward

07 September 2012: Plymouth Council appeals to self builders;    The council has directly appealed to people who have perhaps found themselves locked out of the housing market by high prices and tough borrowing conditions, and believes that self build projects could hold the key to solving the current crisis. Plymouth City Council is calling for would-be self builders to get in touch and help tackle the area’s housing shortage. Continue reading “Eventually!! at least one council is seeing the way forward”