A5086 entrance

We have today informed local people, businesses, schools and others that we have applied for a new entrance at our south boundary onto the A5086.

We hand delivered the document we show below and informed every one if they required more information we will as always be pleased to discuss it further.


 Dear Neighbour

Due to matters relating to our self-build family homes development at Flosh Meadows, Cleator, we are applying for a new road entrance at the southern A5086 boundary and show below its location.

This entrance on the outer A5086 road bend close to our home at Flosh Farm is to be used primarily for construction traffic thereby reducing some of such traffic from the existing occupiers of Flosh Meadows.

Local persons are aware in 2007 a planning application by others with its entrance on the inner bend of the road was described as dangerous, that application was withdrawn. Our proposed outer bend entrance is almost directly opposite the 2007 inner bend entrance.

We are the nearest household to the road & bend and accordingly instructed a fully qualified Public Highways transport planner to fully analyse the safety of our proposed entrance.

Our Public Highways transport planner determined by a speed survey that due to 85% of the road users exceeding 37mph we should for safety reasons use the highest road safety specifications from the National standard of Design Manual for Roads and Bridges rather than the Cumbria County Council Manual for Streets.

We consulted with Cumbria County Council highways officer on the 22 November 2018 who supported our use of the higher national road safety standards accepting that our entrance gives road safety site lines for all through road traffic and all vehicles entering and departing our site.

Our plans and application with all supporting safety specifications and correspondence will be available to view at Copeland Borough Council planning department.

As always, we are more than willing to make ourselves available to answer any questions on our plans.

We emailed our two local schools using the following description:

Dear Head Teacher
We attach a document showing details of a possible new road entrance at Cleator which you may wish to consider and possibly distribute to parents of village children within your school.
We will make ourselves available to answer any questions either from individuals or at a group meeting.
Against some opposition we are trying to offer self build plots especially and initially for local persons.
We have always openly informed persons, businesses and others of our plans and this road entrance is obviously of interest to you especially on behalf of parents, guardians and children of the village.
It is our belief that families who build their own home will bring into our somewhat deprived area additional resources including finances which will benefit schools, churches, and our community in general.
More information relating to our self build site can be seen at www.floshmeadowsselfbuild.co.uk
We can be contacted by any means shown on our attached correspondence.

Family Plots application November 2017

Dear Neighbour

Subject: Application for planning permission at Flosh Meadows, Cleator

I attach an illustrative drawing which will be submitted to Copeland Borough Council planning department, as part of a new application.

We continue to receive requests for self build plots at Flosh Meadows, especially from local families.

The application land is substantially hidden from view from Jacktrees Rd and St Mary’s Grotto due to the site lower ground levels and existing substantial & to be improved hedges with new planting.

We are formally meeting and requesting support from Cleator Moor Town Council & St Mary’s church for this self build for local families application.

(we have used the following description on our earlier letter to you, we are leaving it in as it is still relevant)

We appreciate that most people we are informing of our plans, have in the past built their own homes close to Flosh Meadows and will understandably have considerable sympathy and support for others wishing to do the same. Additionally, we are continuing to add local builders and suppliers to our list which we will make available to plot purchasers. Flosh Meadows development will bring work and revenue into our locality benefitting our community, local businesses and churches etc.

We are in continual discussion with the Homes & Community Agency (HCA) who with the Self Build Portal and their still developing ‘Toolkit for Local Authorities planning departments’ are encouraging more house building and in our case ‘more self & custom build serviced plots’.

The above mentioned ‘Toolkit etc’ recommends amongst many other matters the use of ‘plot passports’ which gives advice on design and materials for self build.

Flosh Meadows ‘Top Meadow plots’ area was designed to reduce any overlooking of existing properties and especially the cemetery & grotto including a 10m “No Build” zone from the cemetery boundary for such as garden sheds and similar and will always exceed the separation distances from existing homes required by Copeland Borough Council. Top Meadow plot & home owners will also be expected to reduce all noise when the Grotto is being used for special occasions.

Indeed, all new family homes at Flosh Meadows, including Top Meadow are further away from the cemetery grounds than other homes and busy hotel car park that have been in place for a considerable number of years.

We would be happy to discuss our plans with you; please contact us by any means suitable to you.

Richard & Betty Mulholland



Self Build Homes encouraged by UK Government Sep’ 2017

Custom-Built Homes to be Pushed by UK Government

September 14, 2017 by CRL Management

original article can be found at: New Custom Build Homes

new custom built homes

Custom-built and self-built homes are a way to change housing from something a community receives to something the community does for itself.

Despite a growth rate of 6.25% year on year, self-built properties are still a minor phenomenon in the UK, accounting for only 10% of a newly built homes. In contrast, 60% of homes in Germany, France, and Italy are self-built. In Australia and the U.S.A., the amount is 40%.

England and Scotland are now getting involved in a sector that could provide the UK with over 40,000 new homes per year.

The country’s first plot shop has now been opened. Located in Bicester, it will sell land plots on the Graven Hill in Oxfordshire to those seeking new custom built homes. Once complete, the development will be the biggest of its kind in the country, providing up to 1,900 new custom and self built homes.

Housing and Planning Minister Alok Sharma said that methods of supplying needed housing need to become more creative. The opening of the first plot shop in the UK will make it possible to deliver new custom built homes and self-built properties on a wider scale.

The SNP Government in Scotland is establishing simplified planning zones, where certain types of development will have planning permission waived. The Housing White Paper also confirmed intentions to doubling the number of custom and self-built homes by the end of the decade.

Virgin Money also released a product for self-builders. The new custom built homes market offers substantial growth potential by delivering high-quality homes tailored to a buyer’s individual requirements.

With custom build, aspiring homebuilders are given the tools to design their dream homes whilst the professionals step in to translate those dreams into reality. This strategy eliminates the risk and burden normally associated with a self-build project, creating a more varied housing market that advocates both individuality and design.

In April 2016 it became a requirement for every council across the country to retain a register of people seeking to build their own home. Over 18,000 aspiring homeowners have now submitted their names to local registers.

The Home Building Fund, which the government launched in October 2016, has made short term loan finance worth £1 billion to support custom build, innovation, and small and medium-sized enterprise builders.

According to the Self & Custom Build Market Report, the estimated value of the sector is £6 billion and growth of 41% is expected over the next three years. Contributor James Orme said that the market increase and other factors are motivating product and service suppliers to regard the custom and self-build markets as interesting opportunities.

About CRL

CRL’s specialist team arrange structural defects insurance to protect thousands of new ventures throughout the UK and Ireland. CRL assist in sourcing fast, flexible cover, arranged by the in-house team who are dedicated to providing the highest quality of customer service.

Anyone engaged in a building project or managing a portfolio of new-build properties that require mortgages, will require a 10-year structural insurance policy on the property. CRL recognises that every opportunity is different, there are no tick boxes and no set criteria – just an appetite for adventure!

To find out how you can start working with CRL and purchase a structural warranty, visit what we cover.

Do I have “The Right to Build”

The government has passed legislation in a bid to make more plots available for people who within their own budget and to their own design and size want to create their own bespoke homes.

An excellent article can be found at http://www.self-build.co.uk/right-to-build describing all matters relating to your “Right to Build” on a serviced self & custom build plot.

Plotting a dream: How to make your perfect house a reality

A new informative article we found last week which we thought might be of interest to you, is  telling us that a typical three-bedroom home is costing from just £150,000 to build.  This can be found at http://www.express.co.uk/life-style/property/549780/Plotting-a-dream-How-to-make-your-perfect-house-a-reality Continue reading “Plotting a dream: How to make your perfect house a reality”