Final Design for Flosh Meadows Self Build Serviced Plots

We are proud to show our Landscape Architect designed serviced, self build site at Flosh Meadows, Cleator, Cumbria being only a short walk to the world renowned Lake District  UNESCO World Heritage Site.  

Working closely with our landscape architect we have shown in our planning application of 25 June 2018 only nine large plots identified by letters A-I at the north of our land and have designed the wider site with circular exercise walking routes connecting different parts of the site to support community integration while providing wildlife corridors to help all local biodiversity needs.

This final full site design shows prospective purchasers how the site will grow into a well-integrated attractive housing community offering no unknown future layout problems. The plots have a variety of sizes and will be released in a controlled staged procedure.

We are presently in the process of arranging quotes from local contractors for the infrastructure work (road/sewers/drains/utilities etc) for the 1st most southern phase of the development.

We are hopeful that if we can employ local contractors our development will assist our wonderful, friendly village, albeit considered possibly the 2nd most deprived in Copeland by employing local persons and suppliers of a wide variety of materials and many service providers.  Quote, Cumbria Intelligence Observatory: “Based on the evidence presented, the most deprived areas of Copeland are Sandwith/Mirehouse wards and either Harbour ward or Cleator Moor South ward.”

We also wish to work with Cleator Moor Town Council, the Chamber of Trade, St Leonard’s church and St Mary’s church to determine how we can collectively regenerate and improve our deprived area.

 Our regeneration model of offering persons the ability to build their own family home will encourage both affordable home ownership and assist in the regeneration of Cleator village. We will contact the five Cleator Moor South Councillors who have particular responsibility for the village to discuss their present plans. If the Councillors agree we will show on our website all regeneration procedures presently in place by them to lift our village out of its ‘deprived status’.

We are as always happy to answer any question about this final application and the site in total. ( information to be supplied to neighbours & others)