Plot Passport Example 1

“Plot Passports alongside Design Codes are a simple way of helping private homebuilders understand what they can build on a site” say national experts on Right To Build website being the government ‘bible’ to Local Authorities on how to deal with Self Build procedures.

They should not be overly prescriptive – private homebuilders want to have a say in the design of their home, so Codes should not micro-manage their designs.

A good Design Code should allow for design variation, creativity, innovation and originality; it will also specify what is mandatory and what is optional.

Where possible they should be style neutral so they can deliver contemporary or traditional architecture and they should also allow for advanced methods of construction.

We show an example of a Flosh Meadows Plot Passport on this page. Each plot will have its own unique passport. All passports will be shown when plot prices have been derermined: