Plotting a dream: How to make your perfect house a reality

A new informative article we found last week which we thought might be of interest to you, is  telling us that a typical three-bedroom home is costing from just £150,000 to build.  This can be found at http://www.express.co.uk/life-style/property/549780/Plotting-a-dream-How-to-make-your-perfect-house-a-reality

According to the website PlotSearch, January is the peak month for new subscribers to its land-finding services.  Last January the website enjoyed a 54 per cent increase in subscribers and another surge is expected this month.

The main reason, apart from the desire for a better home at an affordable price, is the potential for building a more energy-efficient property than most typical new developments.  And most self-builders also find that, once completed, their property is worth much more than it cost them to build, says PlotSearch manager David Mitchell.

Although mortgage rates for self-built homes tend to be higher than ready-built properties, stamp duty is only paid on the cost of the plot of land, not the value of the completed property, and then it is only if the land costs more than £125,000.

With land sourced by PlotSearch in the UK starting from £6,950, stamp duty is not a problem for every builder.

And with a typical three-bedroom home costing from just £150,000 to build, according to the National Custom & Self Build Association (NaCSBA), building your dream home is cheaper than you might think.

However much depends on land prices where you want to build. Last year’s Ipsos MORI poll revealed that seven million people in the UK are hoping to self-build, so competition for the best building plots can be high in popular areas.

Project managing a new building can also be notoriously stressful, particularly if you already have a job, although a service launched last summer by NaCSBA and the Federation Of Master Builders (FMB) is designed to make the job much easier.

The FMB’s free Find A Self Build Contractor service (fmb.org.uk) has a database of 1,500 contractors with both design and build and self-build capabilities.

“Interest in self-build solutions is growing stronger every day and the government is now putting in place policies which should help more people to realise the vision of building their own home,” says Brian Berry, chief executive of the FMB. “As this happens, self-builders will need a pool of experienced contractors and a trusted means of finding the right one.”

FIRST, though, you have to find your plot, which is why PlotSearch has launched a new service for regular updates and email alerts to be sent to mobile phones and tablets, giving instant access to more than 8,000 plots and building opportunities in the UK and Ireland.

“We know that finding and securing a suitable plot is one of the greatest hurdles to self-build with timing being of greatest importance,” says PlotSearch manager Mr Mitchell.

PlotSearch, which launched in 2000, has 80,000 subscribers who pay from £20 for a three-month search plan and all plots, renovation and conversion opportunities come with outline or detailed planning permission.

Even if your other New Year’s resolutions are beginning to wobble, 2015 could be the year when you finally follow your dream.