Top Meadows application

We have submitted a new application for additional plots at Flosh Meadows at an area known as Top Meadow, we show a plan below.

Top Meadows land close to St Mary’s cemetery is suitable to accept the difference of 7 plots from the 28 properties we first obtained permission for and the subsequent reduction at our request to the existing 21 plots.

We have ensured any new family homes at Flosh Meadows, including Top Meadow are further away from the cemetery grounds than other homes that have been in place for a considerable number of years.

We have always informed our neighbours and others close by of our plans and below is the letter accompanied by our plan that we have hand delivered to them:
Dear Neighbour

Subject: Application for planning permission at ‘Top Meadow’ Flosh Meadows, Cleator

I attach an illustrative drawing which has been submitted on our behalf to Copeland Borough Council planning department, as part of a new application.

In response to a considerable number of local families showing an interest in our self build site we consider the drawing shows a suitable area which can be considered an executive location for self build serviced plots.

We appreciate that most people we are informing of our plans, have in the past built their own homes close to Flosh Meadows and will understandably have considerable sympathy and support for others wishing to do the same. Additionally, we are continuing to add local builders and suppliers to our list which we will make available to plot purchasers. Flosh Meadows development will bring work and revenue into our locality benefiting our community, local businesses and churches etc.

We are in continual discussion with the Homes & Community Agency (HCA) who with the Self Build Portal and their still developing ‘Toolkit for Local Authorities planning departments’ are encouraging more house building and in our case ‘more self & custom build serviced plots’.

The above mentioned ‘Toolkit etc’ recommends amongst many other matters the use of ‘plot passports’ which gives advice on design and materials for self build.

Flosh Meadows Self Build site was initially designed with a substantial amount of today’s ‘Toolkit etc’ elements and we are in the process of conforming even more substantially.

Flosh Meadows ‘Top Meadow plots’ is being designed to reduce any overlooking of existing properties & cemetery including a 10m “No Build” zone for such as garden sheds and similar from the cemetery boundary and will always exceed the separation distances from existing homes required by Copeland Borough Council Local Plan.

We would be happy to discuss our plans with you; please contact us by any means suitable to you.

Richard & Betty Mulholland