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A5086 entrance

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Our planning application for a temporary construction entrance from the A5086 opposite the old barns has been approved.

We are concerned about Cleator Moor Town Council objection; they consider the entrance to be dangerous.

Although many local persons have told us the objection is ‘personal’ rather than professional we will need to consider our plans for this entrance.

Prior to the application being submitted we hand delivered the document shown below and informed every one if they required more information we will as always be pleased to discuss it further. (N.B. we did not receive any subsequent contact from persons/organisations/CMTC/churches and only at a later stage discovered CMTC was objecting)


 Dear Neighbour & others

Due to matters relating to our self-build family homes development at Flosh Meadows, Cleator, we are applying for a new road entrance at the southern A5086 boundary and show below its location.

This entrance on the outer A5086 road bend close to our home at Flosh Farm is to be used primarily for construction traffic thereby reducing some of such traffic from the existing occupiers of Flosh Meadows.

Local persons are aware in 2007 a planning application by others with its entrance on the inner bend of the road was described as dangerous, that application was withdrawn. Our proposed outer bend entrance is almost directly opposite the 2007 inner bend entrance.

We are the nearest household to the road & bend and accordingly instructed a fully qualified Public Highways transport planner to fully analyse the safety of our proposed entrance.

Our Public Highways transport planner determined by a speed survey that due to 85% of the road users exceeding 37mph we should for safety reasons use the highest road safety specifications from the National standard of Design Manual for Roads and Bridges rather than the Cumbria County Council Manual for Streets.

We consulted with Cumbria County Council highways officer on the 22 November 2018 who supported our use of the higher national road safety standards accepting that our entrance gives road safety site lines for all through road traffic and all vehicles entering and departing our site.

Our plans and application with all supporting safety specifications and correspondence will be available to view at Copeland Borough Council planning department.

As always, we are more than willing to make ourselves available to answer any questions on our plans.

We emailed our two local schools using the following description:

Dear Head Teacher
We attach a document showing details of a possible new road entrance at Cleator which you may wish to consider and possibly distribute to parents of village children within your school.
We will make ourselves available to answer any questions either from individuals or at a group meeting.
Against some opposition we are trying to offer self build plots especially and initially for local persons.
We have always openly informed persons, businesses and others of our plans and this road entrance is obviously of interest to you especially on behalf of parents, guardians and children of the village.
It is our belief that families who build their own home will bring into our somewhat deprived area additional resources including finances which will benefit schools, churches, and our community in general.
More information relating to our self build site can be seen at
We can be contacted by any means shown on our attached correspondence.


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