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Flosh Meadows
Self & Custom Build

We put in the Site Roads, Services & Utilities.
You build your family home to your design and cost

Flosh Meadows Development

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Flosh Meadows will deliver a Self & Custom build development that suits the needs of local people living in and around West Cumbria and those who decide to join them in this marvellous part of the UK.


Flosh Meadows Self and Custom build serviced plots development in the village of Cleator, West Cumbria is a short 1.3 miles walk to the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Lake District National Park.


We are frequently asked "what do we do after we buy a plot for our family home at Flosh Meadows". We provide an excellent list from

Flosh Meadows, Self & Custom Build development is only a short walk to the UNESCO World Heritage Site “The English Lake District National Park” which is an internationally admired part of the UK.

Building your family home is a great advantage to your family

Your family greatly benefits financialy when you collectively build a family home. You design the home to your style while always keeping cost in mind. You design it to allow you as  family to comfortably use and live in the house.


Whether you’re just curious about Flosh Meadows Serviced Self & Custom Build site or wish to purchase a plot, or you are a reporter or Marketing Influencer, we’re here to answer any questions.

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