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Plot Passport Example3-pdf

affordable homes for hard working families

Richard & Betty Mulholland
The Flosh Farm House
Cleator, Cumbria. CA23 3DT
01946 810405 & 07764612504

Size, shape & position of build area complies with required Copeland B.C separation distances. Purchasers architect/designer will be able to slightly modify, subject to Flosh Meadows management agreement

All dimensions & areas are taken from the drawing and must be verified by buyer, these details do not form any legal agreement.

“Local Authorities should not refuse permission for well-designed buildings which promote high levels of sustainability simply because they may be incompatible with the existing townscape”.

(quote) National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) para’ 65

To assist plot purchasers, we have produced this
Design & Procedure code in agreement with Copeland Borough Council.

Good Neighbours:
* Plot owners and their contractors should not carry out work or activities that would hurt, harm or disturb other persons or property

* Noisy work should end no later than 9.00pm

* Plot owners should reduce all noise when St Mary’s Grotto is in use for special occasions

* All machinery and material/s must to be kept within their plot area and all surplus material/s should be frequently removed

* Plot owners are responsible for the security, safety and actions of all person’s official or otherwise attending or working on their property

Build time:
* Within 3 months of plot purchase, owners will be required to agree their proposed design with Flosh Meadows management

* Within 6 month of plot purchase, owners will submit Full Planning submissions to the Local Authority

* Within 12 month of plot purchase, construction works are to be started

* Within 24 month of plot purchase, all external building and front garden construction must be completed

We encourage attractive properties giving high efficiency, super insulated built fabric; achieving excellent air tightness; high performance doors and windows; good ventilation and heat recovery with water harvesting & solar gain engineering.

Road/s will be built by developer to adoptable standard with all services & utilities readily available to each plot; connections to these services etc are the responsibility of the plot owner.

* All dwellings should comply with Lifetime Homes Standards

* Primary entrance & front elevation are to face the street

* Buildings should be generally two storeys in height

** two and half storey & bungalows can be considered

* All roofs to dwellings are to be pitched between 25 & 40 degrees

* Permanent structures not to exceed 45% of the plot area

* Front garden not to have such as caravans, campers, huts or clothes lines

* Open plan front layout with shrubs & small trees required

* Front garden can have 0.8m max height side boundary/s

* Rear Garden to be enclosed with fencing at 1.8m max height

* Balcony only allowed at the first floor rear, max’ area 1.5m x 3m

* Aerials and satellite dishes only to the rear of property centre line

* Refuse bins or bags storage area only to the rear of property centre line

* Detached garage should not be forward of the main building front line

* Minimum three car parking spaces to be provided within plot area

* No subdivision or amalgamation of plots at purchase or in the future allowed without Flosh Meadows management agreement

* All future disposal of land or property the new owner must agree the same terms of this Design & Procedure code

Any change from the Design Code at purchase or in the future must be agreed with Flosh Meadows management and Copeland Planners.

Prior to purchasing a Flosh Meadows plot you will be supplied with a copy of this Plot Passport and you willing demonstrate your wish to be a good neighbour by agreeing to comply with all matters contained in this document

It is designed to allow the flexibility of design with supportive requirements for an attractive community.

It is accepted that self builders wish to make the major decisions in the design of their new home.

Our code complies with the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and the rapidly evolving supportive guidance from the Custom & Self Build Toolkit being the “best practice” advice to Council Planning Authorities with its requirements, not to micro-manage Self & Custom build developments.

(quote) Custom & Self Build Toolkit
Unless the development is located in a sensitive area (for example designated conservation area or local area of special character), a Design Code should be as light touch as possible, so that it does not stifle the ability of private homebuilders to build innovative and creatively designed homes. Restrictive codes can also add to the costs of new development and undermine viability.

Some private homebuilders may also be put off purchasing a plot if their scope for an individual design is too limited.

Material Palette
* Exterior walls normally to be finished in Stone, brick or rendered; alternatives can be considered

* Natural Stone: sandstone preferred, with dressed stone for details such as window/door reveals etc

* Facing brickwork: should have a hand-made appearance

* Render should be a through-colour product with a light textured finish

* Drives, paths & parking areas to be of permeable construction

**** Roof tiles should be traditional slate or composite low profile

* Alternative materials for all uses are acceptable, especially those with an increased energy conservation

* All materials must be agreed with Flosh Meadows management and Copeland Borough Council

At future disposal of any plot or property the new owner must agree the same terms of this Design
& Procedure code.

Affordable Homes Plots
Plots 18-21 to be sold at 80% market value.
Future sales of plots/property’s 18-21 to be at 80% market value in perpetuity.
Only qualifying local persons as determined by Copeland Borough Council can purchase plots 18-21.

Flosh Meadows management reserve the right to alter this Design & Procedure code for new purchasers at any future date.


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