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Project Management Tips

The following plot purchasers tips were mainly supplied to Flosh Meadows team by a contributor on

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Before purchasing a plot,  there are a bunch of due diligence checks that the buyer should do themselves. Solicitor may not do them

  1. DIY survey: Buy a tape and measure the plot, *it should be close to that advertised
  2. Check against any and every map and title plan you can find, *good site owners will have such titles and maps, your historic society will have maps
  3. Ensure that boundaries are marked or arrange for them to be so and photographed
  4. Are there any rights of way or access across the site (solicitor can do this but check on site for evidence, Solicitor won’t do a site visit)
  5. Services (elec/water etc): Check all are available and can be accessed at affordable cost
  6. Planning Conditions: Can all conditions be met. Are their any that can only be done at certain times of the year like bat surveys or *tree/bush planting
  7. Drainage Plan: Soakaways, if used will they work, If not, what’s the viable alternative
  8. *Good sites will have arranged a fully adoptable foul and surface water drainage, *however, poor sites frequently cannot do so or cannot achieve adoptable standards
  9. CIL exemption are they available, (if buying a project that’s already been started). *Some Local planning authorities do not charge CIL but always check it out
  10. Chancel repair liability. Any previous land ownership connection between plot and church, Insurance is cheap. *Good sites will have made you aware of any costings
  11. Speak to neighbours etc: Are schools OK, Are their any known disputes. what has the land previously been used for
  12. *are there any nearby problem activities that may concern you or cause concern to subsequent buyers of your self build property
  13. *Is your plot undermined or possibly effected by above mining activity with possible  contamination or instability
  14. *do immediately adjacent low cost properties reduce your house value

Soon after or before plot purchase, investigate and/or order:

  • Site Insurance
  • Security fencing (prevent access of children and other false occupiers)
  • CIL Exemption: Apply for and receive before starting any work on site
  • Order temporary services
    • Water and Electric are the two most useful temporary services. Normally a stand pipe for water and some sort of temporary cabinet for electric meter
  • Consider applying for permanent services or perhaps get quotes for same

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