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Rise in Self Build UK homes

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The continued Annual UK Rise in Custom and Self Build family homes is encouraging and Flosh Meadows in the village of Cleator with its 11c St Leonards church foundations history and an even earlier history of a Roman road with E W Pugin 19c church, are encouraging local person and further afield to be a part of this growth.

We believe that custom & Self Build family homes will play a major part in the Government’s effort to build millions of new homes some in Copeland at Flosh Meadows in the coming years.

Flosh Meadows self & custom build site immediately adjacent to the Lake District National Park being a UNESCO World Heritage site is attracting much attention even before the Self & Custon build site with its serviced plots have been offered for sale.

New UK national research has found the custom and self build market has experienced year on year growth of 6.25%. Homebuilding and Renovating published the The Self and Custom Market Report which forecast the market to reach 16,500 home completions by 2020, if the market continues at its current pace.

The National Custom & Self Build Association (NaCSBA) Report, shows comprehensive analysis of the current custom and self build sector and will be exceptionnally helpful in guiding & assisting policy makers at local and national levels.

The Chairman of NaCSBA, Michael Holmes, a contributor to the report said: “The analysis in this report contains details including how, where and why people build their own homes and what they put in them; and with the maximum possible authority, establishes the shape of the market in the coming years.

“We believe that this is the best attempt yet at providing a single reference for information on the custom and self build market. It will allow us and other members of the industry to better understand the motivations, hurdles and aspirations of self builders themselves and to understand activity in the market, down to a level previously undiscovered in terms of product choices and spend.”

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